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With fewer bugs out, lighter water demands, and a comfortably cool climate, Fall is prime time for starting a home garden in Southern California. Many of the hearty vegetables that thrive in mild SoCal winters are also delicious and easy to incorporate into home cooking.


Broccoli is easy to maintain and is fast grower, making it an excellent option for amateur gardeners. To get the maximum return from your crop of broccoli, protect it from simple pests like caterpillars and beetles by using the appropriate pest control.


Add color to your fall garden by planting some radishes. These spicy and quick-growing vegetables are sometimes ready for harvest in just a few short weeks. Make sure to pick radishes as soon as they mature. If left in the ground for too long, they start to develop an unfavorable taste.


While cabbage does take longer to grow and requires a bit more space than your typical fall vegetable. It will bring some much-needed beauty and texture to your autumn crop. Cabbage tends to be very forgiving and has a large harvest window, however, they will flower quickly if grown in direct sunlight.


These versatile vegetables are a perfect addition to any fall home garden. Carrots require loosely compact and stone free-soil to grow. For thicker and crunchier carrots, be sure to leave plenty of space in between planted rows.