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Buying a home is one of the most joy-filled and exciting milestones met in a person's life. However, when saving for a home takes longer than expected, it's common for fatigue to kick in. Think in terms of a marathon runner; you have to pace yourself in order to cross the finish line. Know that by leading each day with determination, you can reach your goals and one day own the house you've always dreamed of!

Make Time For You

Hyper-focusing and storing away as much cash as possible into your savings is a quick way to burn out. It's essential to set aside time to appreciate life and allow yourself a chance at fun every once in a while. Don't let saving for a home to prevent you from hanging out with friends or taking that much needed holiday break.

Keep A Consistent Pace

Having a plan and saving at a consistent pace will help you from becoming discouraged. Crunch numbers and find out how much you need and set aside every week to meet the first goal for your future home deposit. Once you know that magic number, it's all about consistency from there.

Have Faith

When your enthusiasm for saving starts to wane, It's important to build yourself up and become your own cheerleader. Keep yourself motivated by picturing the day you finally move into your dream home! Like marathon runners who often imagine themselves crossing the line first or breaking a long-held record, you too must will your goals into existence.

Live Like Tomorrow

Live as if you are already paying the mortgage on your dream home. This means putting the difference between your rent and assumed future mortgage payment into your savings account, in addition to your rent, and treating it as you would any other monthly bill. This practice will make you used to the thought of paying a bigger mortgage while saving for your future home at the same time.