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While having a garage is the perfect answer to your home storage needs, you may want to consider a thoughtful approach when it comes to how you utilize the space.

Organize And Assess

Knowing where and how to start is the most difficult part of any large project. Try organizing your storage items into piles based on category and two additional piles for donations and trash. Asses the quality and use of each item to determine if it is something you'd still like to hold onto.

Determine What Goes Where

Now that you have a good idea of what you have in storage and their use, you can now decide where each item will live. Mentally map out the available space in your garage to choose which location is best.

How To Store

With each item category now having an established location, it is time to decide how you would like to store them. When placing an item in storage, it's essential to keep the item safe and secure while also optimizing it's space usage. Consider whether the items can be on the wall, on shelving units, underneath another item, or even hanging from a pegboard.

Safety Matters

As you're organizing your garage, it's essential that you keep safety in mind. Make sure to label items that may be hazardous, like certain fertilizers or cleaning supplies and store them out of reach. Ensure that all hanging items are adequately secured. While saving space is important, you'll want to do so in the safest way possible.