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There are lots of ways to update older homes to make them look and feel new again. Inexpensive supplies such as paint doesn't cost a lot but can bare huge results. It is possible to bring a whole new look to an old home by adding modern finishes, lighting, and other decorations. With a little bit of TLC your older home can acquire a new visual appeal and yield a higher market value.

Bring In A Plant

The slightest bit of green life in your space will make the overall room aesthetics a lot nicer. And having to take care of the plant babies makes you a more responsible human being. And, all in all, plants are fantastic!

Add A Mirror

Adding a mirror or two to your room is a great way to help make the space feel more open. In addition to seeing more of your beautiful self, you'll also get more light bouncing around in the room, which can make the room look bigger.

Hang Some Wall Art

Hang a large piece of art, put up a couple of small sculptures in an interesting way, or go all out and make a gallery wall. If framing artwork is out of your budget, you can get creative with washi tape and DIY prints from the internet.

Put Down A Rug

A rug gives structure to a place wherever you throw it. Besides adding warmth and texture to the floor, an area rug helps compliment the foundation of the room and the furniture in it.