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The outside of your home is similar to the cover of a book in the way that it sets the tone for what's to be found inside. Improving the curb appeal of your home is an easy and affordable way to enhance your home's appearance and increase it's value. Whether you are selling a house or just yearning for a new look, there are many ways you can help your home make a better first impression.

It's Good To Go Green

One of the most impactful and straightforward ways to boost curb appeal is by adding some flowers and fresh greenery to the outside of your home. Even if you lack the funds or time necessary to create an extravagant garden, you may still benefit from placing pre-made planters around your house.

Your Lawn Matters

It's important to flex your green thumb as lawn care is an essential part of maintaining curb appeal. Take care of your lawn regularly by keeping it well watered, pulling weeds and mowing the grass. Consider using lawn alternatives if you live somewhere dry like shrub beds or artificial turf.

Stand Out From The Rest

Improve your home's curb appeal by having your front door stand out instead of blend in. Painting your front door is an easy to do DIY job that is relatively inexpensive, typically costing around $75. Consider painting your front door a bold and bright color that accentuates the existing colors of your home's exterior.

Let There Be Light

Hang porch string lights or install solar-powered lanterns to brighten up your home's entrance and walkways. By providing a well-lit entrance to your home, you help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Lighting is an intrinsic part of curb appeal and should be considered when deciding on what outdoor enhancements should be made.